Passionate Voices of the Upper Cape

2017/2018 Season Concerts

An auditioned vocal ensemble founded

by John Yankee in 2008, The

Falmouth Chorale Chamber Singers

(FCCS) have performed throughout

the Cape as an arm of The Falmouth

Chorale, and are featured in most

Chorale concerts.

Performances of The Falmouth

Chorale Chamber Singers include

concerts at the Marina Park Band

Shell, Highfield Hall, collaborations

with the Falmouth Chamber

Players Orchestra, and singing John Yankee’s arrangement of The Star Spangled Banner at events ranging from the annual Falmouth Chamber of Commerce dinner to Falmouth Commodores baseball games. 

Available as a special outreach of the Falmouth Chorale, the FCCS has a tradition of inspiring audiences with compelling performances.  Please call 774-392-2383 for more information.

John Yankee and the Falmouth Chorale

Chamber Singers are working on a series of

performances of a contemporary work,

Alzheimer’s Stories, by composer

Robert Cohen. The piece, written in honor

of Mr. Cohen’s parents, is in three movements,

which loosely mimic the progression of and

tells the stories of families impacted by the

disease. A free performance of this work will

be presented on Sunday, September 24,

First Church of Christ, Sandwich at 4PM

The three movements include: The Numbers

– a description of the discovery of the disease, the number of people afflicted with it and conversations with Dr. Alzheimer and his first patient Auguste Deter; The Stories – portrayed by two soloists, these individuals afflicted with the disease, along with recollections from family members, tell their stories; For the Caregivers – the final movement ending with some semblance of hope for those who know and love Alzheimer patients and have to witness its debilitating effects. The composer himself cites that at the core of the libretto and the work, are the final words: “They sense what they cannot show. Love and music are the last things to go. Sing anything.”

The Chorale’s goal is to offer these performances to communities who have dealt with, or are in the process of dealing with this ordeal. The concert will include an opening set that shares singing as the common thread. “With such a profound finale, some lightness and humor will serve as a welcome emotional balance, and prepare the audience for the more poignant music to follow,” Artistic Director John Yankee comments. 

Final concert date is October 1, Brookdale Cape Cod, Hyannis at 3PM.